Relevant Content That Meets Real Needs

BALANCE is an expert when it comes to managing finances in difficult times. We write this content for you to provide as an added value to those you serve.


“Thank you BALANCE for the “Dealing with Furloughs” webinar. While I’ve always appreciated what BALANCE does, I’m most grateful for your ability and commitment to cover difficult content that’s helpful and relevant to our Members and communities.

Most content providers focus on “normal” life without pivoting to address current challenges. BALANCE covers the goals-and-dreams tips, but also takes a rooted-in-reality approach to our changing environment, which is just what our Members and partners need right now. It’s the perfect balance.”

Wrynn Valentine Reynoso
Financial Wellness Advocate, Redwood Credit Union


Reaching The Communities You Serve With Actionable Timely Financial Advice

BALANCE is the expert at writing and delivering webinars that make your brand shine.


 “Since the beginnings of the COVID-19 pandemic, Balance has been a true partner to Renasant Bank’s teammates and customers as well as the general public! Balance has assisted Renasant in sharing vital financial management information internally and through social media that is tailored to the needs of those struggling with the economic impact of the pandemic.

We are now embarking on the development of another series of webinars that further explore ways to react to these difficult times involving Renasant staff and Balance financial education experts! Finally, Balance staff involvement, direction and flexibility have been invaluable in helping the bank in its mission to positively impact all of the communities we serve!”

Jim Beaty, Jr
Vice President & Community Outreach & Development Resource Officer, Renasant Bank



Financial Counseling Clients

BALANCE provides life-changing financial counseling on behalf of businesses and organizations to the people they serve. 


“I want to thank you for all the education I received last spring from a very smart woman would need to check my notes for her name [Sheryl Feenan]. Well since I have taken most to all her suggestions and implemented them into my spending as well as constant prompt bill paying all direct NEVER LATE, keeping balances lower than 30% of available open small credit line cards and use it for a monthly bill or two constant throughout the year and wow my personal credit went up 80 points in less than one year about 10 months.

So, I will say your staff and company taught me things I never was taught or knew about revolving debt so keep up your commitment to educating people because my credit score made it possible for me to buy my retirement home. God bless you all thank you.”

Kevin V.
A Satisfied BALANCE Client


“The financial counselor who worked with me was patient, extremely knowledgeable, and skilled. I felt very well looked after and learned how to prioritize my financial goals. I really could not have done this on my own, and now, nine months later, I am close to meeting my financial goal of being debt free on my credit card. I continue to record monthly expenses and find it very illuminating. It was a great experience overall and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

COVID19 forced me into some hard choices and with the support of a financial counselor, it was easy to make. Now I rent my house and live rent free with family. While I do not have reliable employment, I receive unemployment and have intermittent work in the schools. This was a very worthwhile experience and gave me control and confidence in part of my life that seemed out of reach. Thanks again!”

Susan A.
A Satisfied BALANCE Client

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