Founded in 1969 as the Consumer Credit Counseling Service of San Francisco, today BALANCE is a mature and diverse nationally respected financial services organization. We meet growing consumer demands through partnerships with progressive organizations that allow us to meet families where they are. We work to bring together various stakeholders, including financial institutions, government agencies, employers, healthcare, technology, media, and fellow nonprofits, to create measurable, collective impact across the country.

Together, let’s end generational poverty.

Generational poverty is defined as a family where at least two generations have been born into poverty. Without help, these families do not have the tools or the access to change their situation on their own but when we work together, change can happen.

A child in poverty stands in front of a foreclosed home as her sister walks through their belongings outside.

How BALANCE impacted the financial health of consumers in 2022


Total clients served (sessions, calls, modules, workshops)


Online personal finance modules were completed


Consumers attended 381 financial workshops and webinars


Housing clients served

How can we work together?

Your organization can implement the BALANCE Financial Coaching model and create a program with measurable impact — improving the financial health of those you serve. Specifically, BALANCE can help people navigate major financial decisions like:

  • Improving their credit score
  • Offering guidance in the car-purchasing process
  • Creating a savings plan with SMART goals
  • Offering guidance on the rental process
  • Preparing people for their first time home purchase
  • Helping people avoid foreclosure of their home
  • Offering guidance on borrowing money (loan types, interest rates, etc)
  • Preparing a wedding budget
  • Offering guidance regarding financial rebuilding after a divorce
  • Preparing financially for the birth of a child

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