As community-based financial institutions, you are part of your community’s story. You support local baseball teams, march in parades, and sponsor community events all the time. Your clients know you care and that is why they look to you to guide them financially.

So, why not wrap your brand in financial health? Let your clients know that their financial success is important to you too!

We are financial coaches with 50 years of experience in helping consumers achieve their financial dreams and live financially healthy lives by providing financial education solutions to their local financial institutions.

Q: Why do banks partner with BALANCE?

A: To save money and time.

  • Deliver on your CRA requirements without increasing the workload of your staff with turn-key financial education solutions.
  • Outsource your content creation: Our resources can fuel your website, newsletter, and social media channels to take the content creation burden off of your staff and get them back to serving your members.
  • Be a leader in your community with turn-key workshop and website content for 50+ topics.
  • Provide financial counseling to your members, in multiple languages, 58 hours a week, for a fraction of the cost and overhead of hiring and training your own staff by partnering with our financial counseling team.
  • Extend your HR and Training departments without adding to their workloads: We can provide staff training on specific financial topics (student loans, credit reports, and scores, etc.), credit union history, and train your staff to become money coaches.
 A bank manager meets with a man about his financial health at her desk

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