Is your staff a trusted source of financial guidance?

Give your staff the confidence they need to have meaningful conversations that encourage financial health in those you serve. Implementing the Money Coach Program is a win-win-win. Your staff wins because they gain important knowledge they can use in their own family while gaining professional development. The people you serve win because your staff is wiser and more helpful. Your organization wins because financial stress and workplace performance are correlated and financially healthy employees are more productive.

The Money Coach program includes: 

  • Pre and Post Training Testing
  • 40 Hours of Training / Professional Development
  • Online or In-person Programs
  • Thirteen Financial Education Topics
    • Basics of Money Management
    • Basics of Credit and Debt
    • Credit History and Credit Reports
    • The Collection Process
    • The Legal Process
    • Bankruptcy
    • Housing Issues
    • Identity Theft
    • Student Loans
    • Taxes
    • Child Support and Alimony
    • Long-Term Planning
    • The Art of Financial Counseling

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