Do you need to train your staff on specific topics to better serve your members and clients?

BALANCE has a team of certified financial counselors and educators ready to take a topical deep dive with your staff.

Here are a few examples of how we can help you train your staff:

Credit Report Review

Your staff will come away from this training able to provide a credit report review to those that you serve. A typical credit report review will enable your staff to find credit report errors, provide advice on how to raise an individual’s score, and empower them to help those they counsel save money.

Presentation Skills Training

This training will ensure that your staff has the knowledge and confidence to teach financial education workshop topics in the community.

Student Loan Consultation

With over a trillion dollars in student loan debt in America, it is no doubt we all serve people facing stress over this topic. Let BALANCE teach your staff how to:

  • Identify the differences between federal and private student loans
  • Understand the repayment options available for Federal student loans
  • Determine situationally, in which scenarios certain payment options are more beneficial
  • Know where to find additional resources

Have another idea that is not on this list? We can custom create other training topics upon request.


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