Experiential Learning

BALANCE offers two ways for you to offer experiential learning to your audience.

BALANCED Life – Retirement Experience

Give those you serve the tools and knowledge to secure their future.

According to a Goldman Sachs Retirement Survey, 95% of the workforce believes it is helpful to receive financial education, advice, or counseling to successfully manage their retirement income and investments. Yet, from the same survey of the retired individuals sampled, only “25% retired with sufficient savings.”

BALANCED Life Retirement Experience is a guided learning experience centered on an interactive workshop spanning 60-90 minutes, illuminating the path forward as participants move closer to retirement. Whether the trail is 50 years long or 5, this program is designed for information retention, implementation and ongoing maintenance.

This program achieves this through:

  • Flexible participation — online or in-person audience options
  • Relatable scenarios for any age   
  • Built-in discussion-starter activities
  • Helpful Empathy Maps
  • A comprehensive and easy-to-use workbook
  • … and more!

The BALANCED Life Retirement Experience delivers:

  • An easy-to-present and fun way to offer guidance about retirement through activities and interactions
  • A wide range of appeal, from young adults to seniors and in-person to online audiences
  • A strong plan of action for audience members
  • All the materials a facilitator would need to facilitate an excellent learning experience — right out of the box
  • A marketing kit to help you promote it to your audience

By offering Retirement Experience, you not only fill key knowledge gaps, you establish your organization as a beacon for the kind of financial empowerment that truly gets people and their needs.

BALANCED Life – A Budget Simulation

Today’s youth lack education about practical subjects such as personal finance. In fact, 76% of college students wish they had more help to prepare for their financial futures (KeyBank) and according to The Student Monitor, 62% of those who graduate will carry an average of $27,236 in student debt with them as they journey into the harsh world of adulting.

BALANCE is committed to constructing effective education programs for adolescents and young adults so they can build their personal financial capability early in life, giving them a solid foundation for later-life financial well-being.

In adolescent and young adulthood, structured experiential learning activities that incorporate real-life financial decisions are the strongest platform for developing financial capability (CFPB).

The BALANCED Life program is designed to be a highly effective tool for teaching personal finance concepts and will transform teens’ working knowledge of money. Offered as two options – A Reality Fair and A Classroom Simulation – this program incorporates all of the keys to a successful simulator experience:

  • Easy to replicate materials
  • Realistic Scenarios
  • Clear instructions
  • Thorough debrief with students

Combining the reality fair and classroom simulations in one program offers the flexibility and scalability of a turnkey solution, allowing you to more quickly go to market and begin serving your community in a way that meets their needs and yours. 

Both versions of BALANCED Life budgeting simulations deliver:

    • Fun and interactive methods of learning on an experiential level about budgeting and adulting.
    • Learning objectives that meet the National Financial Literacy Standards on Budgeting
    • A boost to your credit union brand among members of your community, specifically Gen Z.
    • Shared experiences using partners to instill compromise and emulate real world scenarios.

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