Your city should be a city where everyone thrives!
When the citizens of your community are financially healthy, your community is more stable. It makes sense for your city to partner with BALANCE to bring Smart Money Coaching to your citizens.

What is Smart Money Coaching?

BALANCE partners with a municipality to provide one-on-one financial coaching as part of an innovative program that provides support services to low-income and public housing residents. The goals include improving housing, employment, and financial health – which improves the entire community!

The Smart Money Coaching model integrates one-on-one financial coaching into workforce development, housing, and related social services. It can be integrated by co-locating within public housing sites and weaving coaching referrals into an existing service delivery channel.

     An elderly man and a young man talk and stretch after running in a city suburb.

    Q: Does BALANCE currently have a Smart Money Coaching program in place?
    A: Yes, we have been working with the City of San Francisco since 2015! Serving individuals who live, work, or receive services in the city of San Francisco. Check out the program here:

    Q: What are the biggest needs of the population served by the Smart Money coaching program in San Francisco?
    A: Reduce debt, establish and/or improve credit, transition to a safe and affordable bank account

    Q: Does BALANCE measure outcomes?
    A: Yes! Here are some examples: 

    • 50% of clients are able to reach at least one outcome after meeting with a BALANCE coach at least 3 times.
    • 35% of clients are able to reach a key financial empowerment outcome (such as debt reduction, credit score improvement, or increased savings) when they meet with a BALANCE coach for an initial session and at least one follow up session.

    City of San Francisco Case Study

    “BALANCE has been an outstanding partner. Together, we’ve provided high-quality one-on-one financial coaching to thousands of San Francisco residents. Our Smart Money Coaching program is a success in large part due to BALANCE’s innovative and flexible approach and service design.”

    Treasurer José Cisneros, The City and County of San Francisco —

    “The San Francisco Office of Financial Empowerment’s strong partnership with BALANCE has allowed Smart Money Coaching to serve a growing number of San Franciscans ready to improve their financial health.”

    Sean Kline, Executive Director, Office of Financial Empowerment —

    Through our partnership with the San Francisco Office of Financial Empowerment, BALANCE is proud to offer the Smart Money Coaching program.

    Targeting San Francisco’s most at-risk and under-represented communities, Smart Money Coaching provides money management coaching services to the people who need it most.

    Client Milestone:

    Javier dramatically raised his credit score from 0 to 728

    When Javier first met with a Smart Money Coach, he had no credit score. On our coach’s recommendation, he opened a secured line of credit and worked diligently to improve his credit standing. After months of smart financial moves, he raised his score to an impressive 728!

    Javier proclaimed, “This is the best news I’ve received in a long time.”


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