Karina Galvan-Torres

VP of Financial Coaching Operations

Karina Galvan-Torres is the VP of Financial Coaching Operations for BALANCE. Karina joined BALANCE in 2015 and has served our Financial Fitness Partners for the past four years. She implemented new training resources for the Partner Relations Team to ensure a standardized and successful management of partnerships, developed new procedures to make cross-departmental collaboration easier, and assisted in website development programs. She possesses extensive knowledge on our programs and capabilities and is a natural at helping partners implement financial education and counseling.

In her current role, Karina is responsible for the Contact Center, Financial Fitness, Smart Money Coaching and EAP programs. She manages the departments and is tasked with evaluating and improving systems, and supporting growth through strategic planning.

Karina is bilingual and holds a BS in International Relations and a BS in Spanish from Saint Mary’s College of California.

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