A BALANCE Partner Relations Coordinator Explains A Financial Counseling Program To A New Partner Organization

Okay, so your organization has signed on to begin utilizing BALANCE’s financial education programs and services. Now what?

The decision to implement BALANCE’s financial education solutions likely came from the top — a leadership decision. Now, you have been tasked with handling the roll-out of a new program. How will you distribute information to the rest of the staff so they can communicate these new opportunities to those you serve? Luckily, you’re not alone in this endeavor.

The Partner Relations Team Is Here To Help

As a partner with BALANCE, we will connect you to the Partner Relations team and assign you a primary point of contact to guide you through next steps. The Partner Relations team acts as a liaison between BALANCE and your organization. Partner Relations’ mission is to help you maximize program utilization by sharing effective strategies to get this valuable information in front of those who need it.

If we can get your employees knowledgeable about the new programs you’re offering (i.e., access to financial coaching, online financial education resources, and/or workshops and webinars), they will be much more comfortable mentioning these services to your customers within the natural flow of business.

A few ways in which your Partner Relations Coordinator can assist your staff with program awareness and implementation are:

  • Program overview with staff – a time to highlight programs available to your network. This training is typically provided via live or pre-recorded webinar. Many of our partners house this training on an internal portal and use it as continuing education or professional development for new and existing staff.
  • Providing a program implementation checklist and referral guide ideas 
  • Sharing examples of how other organizations promote the BALANCE program
  • Delivering developed social media campaigns and materials for contests and other promotion purposes 
  • Supplying information and access to a variety of marketing materials including brochures, flyers, inserts, booklets, etc.

The Partner Relations team is constantly working behind the scenes to create content and systems that can streamline your processes and enhance your marketing efforts. Because we have learned that a referral will be more meaningful when it comes from you, particularly when so many people don’t know where to turn for help. 

By explaining that BALANCE’s services are available as a no-cost benefit because of your commitment to helping individuals achieve financial success, you are not only helping your network of employees and customers, but also strengthening your relationships with them.

Want help generating effective referrals to BALANCE?

You can begin increasing program awareness by connecting with the Partner Relations team today. 

Call (800) 808-4327 or communicate with the team via email at partner-relations@balancepro.org.

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