Multiple Financial Wellness Vendors: A Blended Family With One Goal

By: Jen Martin, Director of Partner Relations

Two couples discuss co-parenting

In the first article in this series, we discussed how searching for the perfect financial fitness partner is like dating. Then in part two, we reviewed that every great partnership requires commitment (similar to a marriage), goal alignment, and working together. In part three, we will talk about how relationships change or adapt over time.

Our Blended Family

Relationships evolve, but they do not have to end.

Almost 14 years ago, my husband met his ex-girlfriend. They began dating and had a long distance relationship. After dating for several months, they were surprised to find out they were expecting a baby together. After that baby was born, they soon discovered that they were not compatible as partners in the way they had originally hoped and they broke off their romantic relationship. However, they both had mutual goals that involved their beautiful baby girl. They both wanted to love, provide for, nurture, and develop a relationship with the baby. Simply put, they both wanted what was best for the baby. Those shared goals led them to realizing that what was best for their child was to have both parties play an active role in her life, and be a part of her development over the years.

My husband and I married when his daughter was almost 2 years old. His ex-girlfriend also moved on and married her husband when their daughter was about 3 years old. The relationships changed over the years, but the goal remained the same. Over time, the relationships will still change and need to adapt so we are constantly asking ourselves, and each other, a thought provoking question: “how do we collectively work together to help meet the needs of our child?” We have worked very hard to become close friends because we choose what is best for our daughter. Is this easy? No way! We work hard at our relationships. As a result of that work, that baby girl is now a sassy, spirited, and hilarious 11 year old that spends equal time with her four parents and one little sister. There are many vital relationships in her life, but each relationship has the strength that can continue to mold and shape her into a strong woman that is capable of changing the world. 

You may be asking yourself, “What does your blended family have anything to do with the needs of my organization?” I am getting there, and I promise it will make sense.

How Your Financial Empowerment Program Is Like A Blended Family

Your organization is facing a rapidly changing world.

The clients you serve have many needs, and yet your goal remains the same. You want to empower them financially. Are the solutions you put in place ten years ago still going to work today? You may discover that as things change, your organization could benefit from the support of multiple financial education vendors that each provide something unique. Each vendor has strengths that can support your mission and they should all be willing to recognize the shared goal and vision of your organization. 

Millions of people across our nation need to improve their financial well-being. Over the last 25 years of working with financial institutions and employers, we have found that we are better and stronger together. BALANCE works to integrate our services (1:1 financial coaching, webinars, workshops, MoneyCoach Training, and digital content) into your current financial empowerment program. You are serving more than one audience and that may require more than one vendor.

At BALANCE, we have a mission to be a financial guide that helps consumers balance life’s important decisions. We truly want to lock arms with credit unions, banks, employers, EAPs, healthcare organizations, and other financial education vendors to work together towards improving the financial well-being of those we serve.

My beautiful blended family functions as a close-knit unit. We view ourselves as a family of six working towards the goal of ensuring we work together for the good of our children. The world sometimes views this as weird, and we love being able to show that we know our family is not typical, however, we love showing the world what is possible. 

If your organization already has a financial vendor, but you are looking to expand your “family” with additional offerings, BALANCE can help. 

At BALANCE, my role is all about deepening the relationship with our partners. I love working with them to see how BALANCE can fit within the roadmap of reaching the goals they have. 

If you find yourself with unique goals and you’re not sure what approach to take, please call me so we can discuss some options that could allow you to make a lasting impact on the lives of those you serve.

Jen Martin, Director of Partner Relations
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