Wraparound Services:

Consultative Support

A financial wellness program goes beyond simply having a few certified coaches in your branches. We have experience with all of the considerations, benefits and pitfalls of creating a robust and meaningful program. And we’re here to help.

Program Design: 

Together, we will define clear program objectives aligned with your credit union’s goals. Our services include tailoring offerings to your members’ unique needs, such as debt reduction, budgeting, and improving credit scores.

Regulatory Compliance: 

Our expert team will guide you through understanding and complying with all relevant financial counseling services regulations. We’ll help you navigate the regulatory landscape. 

Staffing and Training: 

We assist in writing job descriptions and salary grades as well as interview questions and insights. 

Technology and Infrastructure: 

We can suggest and help implement an effective Client Management System (CMS) to streamline program management and ensure secure data handling, protecting sensitive member information.

Quality Metrics and Monitoring: 

A successful program will have measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) aligned with program objectives so your team can regularly monitor and assess counselor performance, member outcomes, and overall program effectiveness.

Continuous Improvement: 

We help you establish feedback mechanisms such as surveys and Quality Improvement programs. It is important to enhance program processes and outcomes continually.

Ethical Considerations: 

Our commitment to a strict code of ethics ensures transparency, confidentiality, and member trust. 

Documentation and Reporting: 

We’ll discuss how to maintain accurate records of counseling sessions and generate reports to communicate program performance effectively to stakeholders.

Member Engagement and Education: 

We foster clear, open communication between counselors and members. We will guide you in providing members with resources and educational materials to empower them to make informed financial decisions.

Risk Management: 

It’s critical to identify and mitigate risks to ensure the program’s success – and develop a crisis management plan to address unforeseen challenges or emergencies.

Scalability and Sustainability: 

From the start, let’s design the program with scalability in mind – ensuring financial viability by considering funding sources, cost-effectiveness, and even potential revenue streams.

We are excited about the prospect of collaborating with you to create a robust and impactful financial wellness program. 

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