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Coach To The Coach Support

At BALANCE, we understand that financial coaching often goes beyond basic money management and credit and can involve navigating complex scenarios, such as student loans, home foreclosures, and identity theft.

To support your in-house coaching efforts, we are excited to introduce our exclusive Coach-to-the-Coach Support Program—designed to enhance your team’s ability to assist members in a variety of challenging financial situations. Through our partnership, they can gain direct access to seasoned BALANCE financial coaching managers who specialize in addressing more advanced or complex issues. 

There are two ways to participate: 

  1. Scenario-Based Coaching: We understand that each financial scenario is unique. Our program provides your coaches with a coach who will guide them through the intricacies of the various situations you encounter in your coaching sessions so they can relay that knowledge to your members/clients. 
  2. Warm Transfer: Recognizing that certain financial scenarios may require specialized expertise, you can decide which topics your staff discusses and which topics they transfer to us. Topics like foreclosures, student loans, and other complicated matters can be handled by our specialized counselors. 

The Coach-to-the-Coach Support Program empowers your financial coaching team with the resources and expertise needed to tackle even the most intricate financial situations. By leveraging this program, you can enhance your team’s capabilities, elevate member satisfaction, and demonstrate your commitment to comprehensive financial support. 

We look forward to partnering with you to further enhance the impact of your financial coaching initiatives.

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