There are many reasons why we love our jobs in the financial services industry. It could be because we enjoy working with numbers, analyzing information, identifying solutions, and solving problems. Or it could be because every day we are given an opportunity to affect real, positive change in the lives of those we serve. It may be because we work with other like-minded individuals that share our passion towards a common goal. Maybe it’s a combination of all of these that make us happy in our jobs and proud of what we do. 

But, if you don’t feel confident that the financial advice you’re giving is accurate or you’re not sure the way you’re giving it encourages a consumer to take action, it’s difficult to feel proud of the work you’re doing. And without a sense of pride, job satisfaction is practically impossible. So, how do you foster your employees’ confidence to love their job? Help them build upon their current skills and learn new ones, increase the “tools in their toolbox,” empower them with knowledge and strike up a new spark in how they approach their day-to-day. In two words, professional development.

Money Coach Professional Development Program

One of our most cherished opportunities to offer professional development is through our Money Coach program. This robust training covers financial topics from student loans to income tax repayment options, consumer debt repayment strategies to home buying and arguably most important, how to have conversations about these topics with consumers.

Before completing the training, participants may have avoided discussing these topics, missing opportunities to provide valuable guidance on these subjects that no doubt have a large impact on their client’s financial success. Statements such as “I’ll be paying this student loan forever” and “I’ll never be able to buy a home” may have been glossed over in conversations. Reading between the lines to really hear what someone is saying about their financial situation and facing those challenges head on is what creates a more impactful experience for the consumer. Taking the time to educate and identify solutions to their financial challenges could mean changing the trajectory of that person’s financial path for the better.

Knowledge Begets Confidence

However, without the confidence of understanding these issues and knowing the options available to address them, many times these cries for help go unanswered. Upon completion of the Money Coach training, participants are empowered with the knowledge necessary to provide sound financial guidance in these additional areas. Knowledge begets confidence. Confidence results in pride in your work. Pride in your work translates to happiness. If you are happy in your job, you want to continue to learn new ways to do your job better. And it becomes a wonderful cycle. Having the opportunity to assist financial professionals in loving their job in a new way is what drives us to make an engaging, helpful and empowering Money Coach program. And it helps us to love our jobs even more.

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